Wednesday, June 12, 2019


Often time due to schedules and events, we miss the best times for you to attend a class.  Or perhaps you are looking for a Special Ladies Day Outing.  Give us a call at 620-736-2942 and talk with Cynthia or email her at .   Grab a couple of friends and start planning for a fun adventure out at the Needle.   Some of her popular classes include:
  • "And the Point Is.."--Cynthia's pattern
  • "Basketweave"
  • Beginning Applique Mug Rug
  • Beginning Bargello
  • Beginning Log Cabin
  • Log Cabin using the Trim Tool--several choices as well as Cynthia's "Midnight Jazz"
  • Curved Log Cabin
  • "Trim the Tree"--uses both regular and curved log cabin blocks
  • "Bindle Bag"
  • "Jellies Interlock"--Cynthia's pattern
  • "Magic Triangle Table Topper"
  • "Pineapple Salad"
  • several choices from our "Scrap Pot Pie" series
  • "Sticks and Stars"
  • various table runners and pillows
Most class descriptions and supply lists can be found throughout the Blog.  In most cases, Cynthia needs a couple of week's notice in order to have patterns, special rulers & supplies ready, so please allow this in your planning.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Hold Back the Winter Sale

We've made it thru so many cold, dreary January days.  No matter what the Groundhog has to say about Winter, I am looking forward to February.  I'm breaking Needle tradition--it's time to celebrate with a weekend SALE!

HOLD BACK THE WINTER SALE  Feb. 1 & 2  9 am-5pm

So we're going to Snowball the Savings!  The more you buy the Bigger your Savings.
in-store or web-store
1-4 yds (1/2 yd cut minimum)            15% off
5-10 yds (1/2 yd cut minimum)           20% off
11-20 yds(1/2 yd cut minimum)          25% off
21 yds & over (1/2 yd cut minimum)   30% off

Kits, Pre-cuts and Sale fabrics are not a part of this Yardage Sale.  This is per person, please do not combine customers' orders to create these savings.

You may shop on-line for these yardage savings, however realize that your savings will be figured at the time of processing your order. (In other words, discount will not show during check-out)  Donita or I will cut what is available from regular priced fabric, figure your savings and then process your credit card.

**PRE-CUT FAT QUARTERS--in-store only
1-6 Fat 1/4's                =  -.25 off per fat 1/4 (prices vary according to type)
7-12 Fat 1/4's              =  -.50 off per fat 1/4 (prices vary)
13-35 Fat 1/4's            =  -.75 off per fat 1/4 (prices vary)
36 & over Fat 1/4's      =  -$1.00 off per fat 1/4 (prices vary