Thursday, January 31, 2019

Hold Back the Winter Sale

We've made it thru so many cold, dreary January days.  No matter what the Groundhog has to say about Winter, I am looking forward to February.  I'm breaking Needle tradition--it's time to celebrate with a weekend SALE!

HOLD BACK THE WINTER SALE  Feb. 1 & 2  9 am-5pm

So we're going to Snowball the Savings!  The more you buy the Bigger your Savings.
in-store or web-store
1-4 yds (1/2 yd cut minimum)            15% off
5-10 yds (1/2 yd cut minimum)           20% off
11-20 yds(1/2 yd cut minimum)          25% off
21 yds & over (1/2 yd cut minimum)   30% off

Kits, Pre-cuts and Sale fabrics are not a part of this Yardage Sale.  This is per person, please do not combine customers' orders to create these savings.

You may shop on-line for these yardage savings, however realize that your savings will be figured at the time of processing your order. (In other words, discount will not show during check-out)  Donita or I will cut what is available from regular priced fabric, figure your savings and then process your credit card.

**PRE-CUT FAT QUARTERS--in-store only
1-6 Fat 1/4's                =  -.25 off per fat 1/4 (prices vary according to type)
7-12 Fat 1/4's              =  -.50 off per fat 1/4 (prices vary)
13-35 Fat 1/4's            =  -.75 off per fat 1/4 (prices vary)
36 & over Fat 1/4's      =  -$1.00 off per fat 1/4 (prices vary