Friday, May 12, 2017

Simplish Tutorial

          If you've watched the YouTube video of Simplish and are thinking, "Gosh, I already have a great 10" square bundle of 40; I wonder if it will work?".  Answer:"Yes"!  If you have a regular 10" square bundle of 40, and  a strip set or 2 1/4 yd background you are set.
          It will take 27 squares, so you can be picky... Use the ones you like the best and that offer the greatest contrast with your background strips.  With the background fabric or one color strip pack, 31 strips will take care of all the sashing and binding. 
          Need the pattern, come into The Needle?  This simple pattern will make you a happy person, as you sew thru the steps.  And we all know--
A happy quilter makes a happy home. 

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